The Grand Cru Society

About the Grand Cru Society

The Grand Cru Society is a wine society established for the purpose of exploring well made wines from around the world. Active since 1985, it has no country or varietal bias.

Chief among its many attributes is the Grand Cru’s 500 bottle wine cellar which is valued at approximately $32,000 and includes wines from France, Italy, USA, Australia, Spain and Portugal.

The opportunity to taste and compare quality wines is paramount in our event planning. We strive to provide our members with a program which balances education, social events and structured tastings.  Our focus is on offering excellent “value which is supported by our working definition of fine wine as well made wine by professional standards.

The society plans approximately eight events between September and August each year four structured  tastings and four social events.  The structured tastings provide the opportunity to taste and compare high quality wines which are often in short supply, hard to find or no longer available.