Champagne Brunch
2014 Dec 7

Please join the Grand Cru Society at the River Café to kick off the holiday season as we indulge in five luxurious champagnes from Champagne Taittinger! The fireplace will be crackling and Chef Andrew Winfield’s fantastic food and the Cafe’s genial staff will be complemented by these fine wines – the perfect way to spend a winter Sunday afternoon. See below for details on the wines we will be enjoying.



11.00 am Sunday, December 7, 2014

Member AND 1st Guest: $130.00 each

non-members: $140.00

non-drinker: $80.00


We will begin our reception with Taittinger Brut Resérve, a blend of 40% Chardonnay and 60% Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier from over 35 vineyards and vintages matured to perfection. The high percentage of Chardonnay combined with a minimum of 3 years in the cellars gives a delicately balanced champagne. The nose is very open and expressive with aromas of fruit and brioche with fragrance of peach and white flowers. The palate is lively, fresh and in total harmony. A delicate wine with flavours of fresh fruit and honey.

With our first course we will enjoy the Prestige Rosé, the base champagne containing 30% Chardonnay plus Pinot Noir and Meunier with the addition of 15% still red wine made from the best Pinot Noir from Montagne de Reims and Les Riceys to give this cuvée it unmistakable colour and vibrant intensity on the palate. The bubbles are fine, and the mousse persistent. The full expressive nose has aromas of freshly crushed wild raspberry, cherry and blackcurrant. On the palate there is a fine balance of velvet and fullness with flavours of crisp red fruit.

To complement our main course we will be pouring two wines. First the Prélude Grands Crus – a 50-50 blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir selected exclusively from the top Grands Crus vineyards. Produced using only first press wines and aged for more than 5 years in the cellar this cuvée is unique for its remarkable  youth and wealth of flavours. Pale yellow with silver highlights, the bubbles are fine with a persistent mousse. Initial mineral aromas evolve to green and then floral notes of elderflower and spicy cinnamon undertones. The entry is clean and lively with fresh citrus notes which segue into rounder, silkier flavours of white peaches in syrup. The finish is rich and lingering bursting with flavour.

Next we will pour Taittinger’s Téte de Cuvée, Comte de Champagne Blanc de Blanc 2005 vintage. Made entirely from first press Chardonnay from the best vines of the Côte des Blanc, it is only produced when the harvest is exceptional and worthy of a vintage year. 5% of the wines are aged for 4 months in oak to add complexity to the blend. This wine is only recently released after nearly 10 years in the Saint-Nicaise chalk cellars. It is a pale yellow Champagne with light, abundant bubbles and a steady mousse. The intense bouquet opens with hints of rich pastry cream and lightly toasted notes. On the palate, the attack has excellent tension, structure and a touch of fruit wood. The mid-palate is smooth and voluptuous with flavours of ripe fruit and pink grapefruit culminating in a long, rich and complex finish.

To end our afternoon we will have dessert paired with Taittinger Nocturne – a “Sec” champagne, a blend of 40% Chardonnay with the balance being the two Pinots. A dosage of 17.5 grams per litre combined with slow cellar-ageing creates a round and smooth champagne. The bouquet shows aromas of yellow peaches and dried apricots with a smooth and creamy yet still crisp entry. The palate reveals flavours of raisins and fruits in syrup evolving into a long and smooth finish.

We look forward to seeing you on December 7!

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