Playing With Food II
2013 Sep 24

We had such a great Playing with Your Food Event last October at Metrovino that we want to offer another session – great for those who attended part 1 and want to build on this and fine for newcomers too. Playingwith your Food Part 2, on Tuesday Sept 24th 6:30pm,  welcomes you to a unique and unorthodox adventure in wine and cuisine: a celebration of joie de vivre.

Eating and drinking well is an art that owes much to science. Successful food and wine pairings balance complimentary flavours and complexities and like any relationship, it’s about chemistry. We will explore the relationships between foods and wines and how they relate to each other.

We will pair some excellent wines (a sparkling wine, a demi sec Huet Vouvray, a Pinot noir,  a champagne, a white Savoie , a Languedoc red and a dessert wine) with a variety of foods that will encompass sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami to experience first hand how wine and food combinations can amplify, diminish, transfer for create new flavours, some sublime, others off balance or disappointing. Learn the basic rules and break them. Indulge your creative spirit.

6:30pm Tuesday Sept 24th downstairs at the Cookbook Company at 722 11 Ave SW  Calgary, AB (right next door to Metrovino).

Only 24 people can attend this event so paid up current members and their one allowed guest will have priority. $100 per person.  If you haven’t yet renewed your membership, please send a cheque for the $59 membership with your $100 event payment.

To reserve your spot, email and once you receive confirmation that we still have room

Please Note: All tickets for events are nonrefundable and payment must be received prior to the event. Should you not be able to attend an event, please feel free to give or sell your ticket to a friend.

By attending an event, members and guest accept that the Grand Cru Society bears no responsibility or liability for accidents caused by or resulting from the member’s or guest’s intemperate use of any alcoholic beverage before, during and after any function offered by the Grand Cru Society. Please plan ahead of time how you will get home safely from this event. We will be glad to help you with arranging for a taxi or car shuttle service.

We live in a .05% world – Be Responsible!

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