Vega Sicilia Tasting
2013 Nov 19

Vega Sicilia, the True Grand Cru of Spain

When: Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Time: 6:30 reception; tasting 7:00PM (sharp)
Where: Ranchmen’s Club 710 – 13 Avenue SW
Dress code: Business casual as the Club has a no jeans policy

We had the unique opportunity a few years ago to purchase and then cellar a complete tasting of wines from Vega Sicilia and its sister wineries, Alion and Pintia. We will be tasting the following wines:

  • Vega Sicilia 1998 Unico
  • Vega Sicilia Reserva Especial (multi-vintage blend)
  • Vega Sicilia 2002 Valbuena
  • Alion 2003
  • Alion 2004
  • Pintia 2004
  • Pintia 2005

Vega Sicilia and Alion are from Ribera Del Duero and Pintia is from Toro

Due to the scarcity of Vega Sicilia, its history and its extremely high quality, it demands a commensurate price. Collectors around the world scramble for a few bottles. As with most of our events, we set the cost of attending at an amount which is budgeted to break even. Do not miss out on your chance to taste and learn about these wonderful wines.

Cost: $120 each for members and first guest, $135 for non-members.

Please note that only cheese and bread will be served. Due to the cost of the event, the proposed addition of a light meal to the evening, at an additional cost, has been deferred until a future event.

Mark November 19th on your calendar

Remember we are in a .05 world

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